Release 4.0.1

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Release 4.0.1

Post by pastdue » 18 Apr 2021, 22:47

With the help of many bug reporters & contributors, we're happy to announce the release of 4.0.1, a bug-fix release.

Including fixes for:
  • Water rendering performance
  • Additional Collective faction textures
  • Broken map zoom cycle
  • Autosave / saveload issues
  • Multiplayer lobby issues
  • Procedurally-generated map player positioning
  • Compilation / compatibility issues
  • ARM64 / Apple Silicon macOS builds
View the full 4.0.1 changelog

Original 4.0.0 Highlights:
  • New graphics backend support:
  • New "Factions" for multiplayer / skirmish
  • Higher-res terrain textures, backdrops
  • New Music Manager, + Lupus-Mechanicus's new soundtrack album
  • Support for "script-generated" / "random" maps (and two new built-in maps that take advantage of this: 6p-Entropy and 10p-Waterloop)
  • Scrollable room chat, and many other UI / widget improvements
  • Updated / smarter AI bots (Bonecrusher, Cobra)
  • New "headless" mode (for --autogame, --autohost, --skirmish)
  • JS API enhancements, + a new "Script Debugger"
  • Removal of Qt as a dependency, + a new embedded JS engine: QuickJS
  • Quality-of-Life / smoothness improvements
  • Hundreds of bug fixes
  • New: Windows 64-bit builds (for both Intel 64-bit / x64, and ARM64)
  • New: macOS Universal Binaries with native Apple Silicon support (in addition to Intel 64-bit support)
There have been 40 commits since 4.0.0, from many contributors including: Federico Dossena, KJeff01, Maxim Zhuchkov, past-due, Thiago Romão Barcala, Thomas Rupprecht

We'd also like to thank all of the new and returning translators who have helped to improve the translations for the game via the Crowdin project. For more information on how to help with translations, see doc/

Please report all bugs on GitHub.

And don't forget to check out the new official Discord server:

Download at:

Or: ... ses/4.0.1/ ... /tag/4.0.1

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Re: Release 4.0.1

Post by +++ New Paradigm +++ » 19 Apr 2021, 10:22

Apologies if this is in the wrong place.

Just wanted to thank all of you involved for continuing to push this game forward. I have really enjoyed playing this game again after first having played it in 1999. It is still a brilliant game!

Can I please make a few feature requests:
1. Player stats. Wins, losses, games played, win ratio etc.
2. Being able to change map to a map with fewer players. At the moment one has to re-host. e.g. changing from 6 player to 4 player map is not possible.
3. It should be possible to see all player aliases to stop smurfing so a balanced game can be achieved by a host.
4. More visible stats to do with economy. Income from derrick etc, total income, total expenditure, a factory's resource usage etc. This information would be useful to learn the game. Perhaps an overlay when pressing a button. Some stats provided by pressing ` key but not very many.
5. More visible unit stats during game. Damage, speed, armour, hit points would all be nice to see more often. This information would be useful to learn the game to better appreciate the differences between units.
6. Better AI for command turrets. They should be in centre of group of assigned units and not in the front. This would see them used more often in multiplayer.
7. Better AI for mobile repair units. They should be at the back of a group of units and should react to attack orders better.
8. Drag select not selecting trucks and tanks together by default. Perhaps holding Ctrl and drag selecting should select all units in box like currently implemented.

Just a few personal suggestions.

Thanks again for all the fun.

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Re: Release 4.0.1

Post by mark5959 » 22 Apr 2021, 18:16

wow wow wow

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Re: Release 4.0.1

Post by Tzeentch » 02 May 2021, 15:47

After installing this to do some testing, I ended up playing for almost 2 hours this morning :D

The gameplay is very smooth, and I am quite impressed. Compared to the older versions 3.X this is much nicer. The music manager addition is very good even with complete artwork, author, year and options per track. All the new ones are from 2020. 1 Reature Req to further improve that occurs.

For some reason the music and SFX are all clear but the background voice used for announcements is very quiet, even when fiddling with the audio options. 1 Bug

The messages/notifications on top screen are much clearer to read with better quality text and contrast. My only minor gripe is that some messages appear dead centre, while others appear top right and others in top left of the same top bar message area. My eyes have to dart place to place, but I can see the idea here is that for those you have the categories of; Unit info, research, game details i.e. when paused. During the auto-saving feature on skirmish modes a typo is present in a single AI message to the player. 1 tiny Bug

I also find non-auto saving AI messages rather distracting. I'm preoccupied playing and it doesn't seem the AI is asking for anything specific, or is not clear enough. Tbc

I like the HP inclusion so you know exactly for all your units and buildings, would be good to show this for enemy units as well when selected ( debatable ) because you can see the HP bar when attacking them and see visually as buildings begin to smoke and become darker. Tbc

I did spot a missing visual which used to be present in the original game, that should be added back in or is missing. Upon a unit taking its first steps out of the factory a brief animation appears for the first few seconds to that of a little bluey puff of smoke. 1 Feature Req. :idea:

By default, at least on my system the video backend is using OpenGL - even with Vulkan installed. When I switch to Vulkan manually I have some errors. Could be user error by some means as I have an Nvidia card not fully configured.

When going to build a structure... the hovering over and choosing where to place it is too smooth in moving square to square. However when placing behind a cloud of smoke you cannot see whether you placed the building or not. (Smoke obscures) 1 minor Bug :P

Noticed that MG weapons all do this slight bobbing action when firing, in the orig game these were static during firing. Same for CC turret bobbing it's little ears.
MG Bunker bullet appears to fire from the middle and upper part of the bunker which looks a bit messy, this used to appear from the outer part of the bunker giving a better firing visual.

I dislike the new HQ command panel bottom left, and would actually prefer that as it was. Suggest a simple option to flip between the two in the menu at least, so players have the choice. This for me is where the game is starting to change visually into something a bit too different, and is more like a visual mod. We could batch all the nicer artwork and GUI visual changes into a simple option so all players can toggle "Orig / Upscaled" for example. That way everyone can enjoy the really nice artwork that has been done over the years. 1 or 2 Feature Req.

Lastly, I would really like to navigate all main menus with arrow keys rather than always needing to use a mouse to click on the precise text. 1 Feature Req.

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