Link for Steam on Warzone 2100 homepage

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Link for Steam on Warzone 2100 homepage

Post by theinfouser135 » 22 Jul 2020, 03:08

Can you put a link for getting Warzone 2100 on Steam? It would be nice for Steam players. :wink:

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Re: Link for Steam on Warzone 2100 homepage

Post by andrvaut » 22 Jul 2020, 10:32

pastdue wrote:
16 Mar 2020, 15:31
raf2486 wrote:
15 Mar 2020, 02:38
Someone made the game available on Steam. And I would hate to see them take credit for all of our community's hard work testing, modifying, and continuing to develop the game. Does anyone know if this was approved in any way by the community?
Unfortunately, that basically appears to be what has happened. This is not associated with any of the developers, the community, the Warzone 2100 Project, or

A number of concerns were raised with the individual behind this (prior to its publication) that have not been addressed. Beyond the fact that the game was / is not yet ready to be published on Steam (due to bugs that still need fixing), which is why the actual development team has not done it yet, this Windows-only Steam release was packaged incorrectly and actually has some broken functionality. (So, unfortunately, we can't even necessarily help people who encounter issues with the Steam upload.)

In short: please encourage folks to download directly from / GitHub / SourceForge.
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