The project to a 12 players support on Warzone

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The project to a 12 players support on Warzone

Post by Ulteamatum » 05 Apr 2020, 01:19

Good evening Warzone people and others,

I would like to submit a proposition, or more precisely ask a request in my map modder and player person, joined by my mate Crixus :

Could it be intended that you, team project guys, extend the players from ten players up to twelve ?

Firstly, concerning myself, it's would very interested concerning future maps design, allowing new combinations in 2x6 - 3x4 - 4x3. I can imagine the density jump by adding these two more players, and i am sure more a game become intense by new content, new possibility, more it attracts
players from the worldwide (I can give evidence of it from my long enough MMO player career; a true release that make progress content mark a new wave of come back and new incomes. If nothing move enough, the game lose players).

I know the lag question is tender as sensible. Host needs to survey and keep vigilent about his guests if he wants a great enough conditions in his game. It's a secret for nobody.

Then, I understand people able to achieve our request are some busy and have done a lot till today. Because we are unable to achieve it or to help you more than asking it, we can only count on you. We are sure this effort tends in the great direction, and is not a superflu concern.
From my very modest coding interpretation, I guess you will just need to extend some partitions in the same structure to add two more slots, and change values; but I am sure it's not so easy.

If you decide it, two points to see :

What new colors will be implemented with #10 and #11 bots ?

My suggestions for this question are : Shining white; Acid green.

-In anticipation of a supposed further extension farther than twelve players, I imagined a new system to replace this traditional arrived at its limits : Whole teams are now under a major color. If we take the green, all the players of this team will receive spectral nuances of the green (acid, bottle, leaf, emerald, kaki..), whose personal units/structures visual distinction could be helped either by brightness beside the others, or planning light
artifacts like the player number. It can be applied, less smartly I admit, in solo deathmatches, but could work fine. My second proposition would be, like with karate belts, mixed colors units such as a White front and green rear propulsion tank-.

However the most important fact is : What about FlaME and SharpFlaMe editors ? Do original authors would permit an external update of their work (I think) ? Is anyone here in the community hot enough to do a such work (we hope) ? Because, as you ever know what I am going to say, it's great to permit two players more on Warzone, but if no one ("abandoned/achieved") editor can produce such 12c maps, it's a non sense.

Thanks for taking time to read me/us (and to decrypt ;p).
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Re: The project to a 12 players support on Warzone

Post by Cyp » 05 Apr 2020, 13:37

A long time ago, the limit used to be 8 players (7 players + scavs or 8 players without scavs). To increase the maximum, just change MAX_PLAYERS in lib/framework/frame.h. Think the main reason why it ended up set to only 11 (10 players + scavs) is so that there would still be enough room in the GUI to see all the players, and they would have gotten a bit too squashed with more.

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Re: The project to a 12 players support on Warzone

Post by aliswe » 30 Apr 2020, 22:30

Can it be configurable perhaps?

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