Warzone cyborgs VS. Fallout power armor

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Warzone cyborgs VS. Fallout power armor

Post by thinguyenhalu » 27 Aug 2019, 06:42

This thread was by my questioning, what would be better in the battlefield; Using the synaptic link technology in cyborgs that transmits consciousness into a robotic body, or being in a suit? In the Warzone campaign, it was said that battlefield suits were made and done, but those were ineffective. Then I started playing Fallout 4 where you get this suit of power armor. It made me wonder which is better.

Cyborgs are practically stuck with the weapon they have, whereas people in power armor can carry different weapons (though that would not really be feasible.) But, one of the bigger cons about power armor is that each one would have to run on a big battery, when cyborgs appears to go with the wind and go where they want, without restriction. But a person in power armor can use chems (drugs) to make one's self faster, stronger, more resistant, and heal themselves.

So this is about Cyborgs vs. power armor discussion.

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