My ideas

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Martyr Ops
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My ideas

Post by Martyr Ops » 02 Oct 2007, 05:13

I remember postin this in the old warzone forums.

So what I'm thinkng is why not add a vtol aircraft were 9 other vtols could land on it as if it was on the ground xcept in would be flying and have wepond defence to defed it's self from attack of corse they would be amazing but the would be good enough that way you could send it close to the enamies base and leave it there so your vtol don't have to go as far.

I remember Lav sending me to to suggest it but when I went there it sked me what kind of code it would use and Iwas like :S lol anyways I think it would be cool.

And heres another idea that I can't seem to find in the forms
Why not use the ability to build the campains tansport.
So then you can load your tanks.

Thanks for reading!

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Re: My ideas

Post by Kacen » 02 Oct 2007, 05:24

I think having a flying VTOL carrier is a little weird, personally.

Now a ground based variant sounds fairly decent, however hell I don't even think the dragon body could fit it, well hmm unless you had it on a \  / Type platform or something so it wouldn't look too "retarded".

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Re: My ideas

Post by Dizzi78 » 02 Oct 2007, 16:08

only if it's very slow and easy to kill :)

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