Release 3.2.0!

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Re: Release 3.2.0!

Post by Cyp » 17 Jul 2016, 10:54

Tig Weld wrote:Campaign crash can not go to the start of Beta just get this in log after load up transporter
and press continue? it will only work from new game and select Beta Campaign?
nfo |03:16:53: [res_parse:102] stats/research/cam2 is not a directory!
info |03:16:53: [res_parse:102] Assert in Warzone: resource_parser.ypp:102 (PHYSFS_isDirectory(aCurrResDir)), last script event: 'N/A'
fatal |03:16:53: [WzConfig:85] Missing required file stats/research/cam2/research.txt
This is #4439, should be fixed now.

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Re: Release 3.2.0!

Post by KillerChinchilla69 » 21 Jul 2016, 03:07

Per wrote:While this is a big occasion, please hold off spreading word of this release a little bit just yet. We still want to fix up some things with the homepage, such as displaying it in the news feed and fixing the broken SSL certificates, as well as write a proper what-has-changed-since-3.1 list here. Thanks.
Hey, do we have an idea when we can promote 3.2.0? I would like to announce it on the Facebook Page when its ready. In the mean time I am a bit concerned that the download link is for 3.2.0 but most players are still playing 3.1.5 and cant as easily download 3.1.5(its there, but not as obvious as the link for 3.2.0, had a player confused in irc today)

If you want to check the Facebook page out it can be found here:
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Re: Release 3.2.0!

Post by Per » 21 Jul 2016, 10:54

I think we would like to put out a quick bugfix release, mostly for the campaign bugs that have recently been fixed, before we start to promote it seriously.

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Re: Release 3.2.0!

Post by Jorakae » 24 Jul 2016, 15:21

Hey, I know I am hardly ever here, but I always keep a copy of Warzone with me at all times and still regularly play. I came to post this time to say thank you. Thank you for your efforts to keep the game up to date and still just as good to play. I've spent countless continuous hours in battle and I love this game as much now as when it came out. I continue to be a loyal Warzone fan and I'm sure there are many out who are the same. You may not get acknowledged as much as you should, but I'm coming here today to give mine. Thank you.

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Re: Release 3.2.0!

Post by zoid » 25 Jul 2016, 22:23

Any chance that we could remove the changing cursors when scrolling around the map with the arrow keys? It's visually distracting and doesn't provide any useful information to the player (I already know that I am pressing an arrow key).

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Re: Release 3.2.0!

Post by DragonzDoom » 27 Jul 2016, 17:45

There is a graphical error in the game with the towers. I tried to place this in bugs, but it took as spam.


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Re: Release 3.2.0!

Post by Tzeentch » 06 Aug 2016, 20:54

Looks like it is melting like Frosty
More or less grey

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Re: Release 3.2.0!

Post by Black Project » 07 Aug 2016, 02:36

DragonzDoom wrote:There is a graphical error in the game with the towers. I tried to place this in bugs, but it took as spam.

This bug was already fixed in 3.2.1.
3.2.1 Changelog wrote: 2016-07-28: Version 3.2.1
  • Fix: Cursor flickering on some hardware (ec3eb89550, #4450)
  • Fix: Assert on burning babas in campaign (31d9772e4c)
  • Fix: Assert when placing artefacts (commit:commit d3f56e0be196a1ed0f4f7c20f8a71cd144d70ffb)
  • Fix: Crash on transition between alpha and beta campaign (75778395a1, #4439)
  • Fix: Disappearing commander designs in campaign (5a1142606b, #4438)
  • Fix: Wrong hit chance for cyborg grenadier, changed from 70 to 65 (8a929fcbd2, #4436)
  • Fix: Reorder libs to fix linker error (ff9631198c)
  • Fix: Incorrect rendering of structure turrets (d1bfaa32c3, #4453)

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