Warzone Hardcore Mode Mod V2.0 Released!

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Re: Warzone Hardcore Mode Mod V2.0 Released!

Post by Eugen » 06 Feb 2012, 11:36

Something is wrong with either Hardcore Mod or the game balance.

I have currently advanced to the third campaign in WZ 2.3.9 (playing on Hardcore Mod/ Difficulty level is also Hard). And what I see now is that enemy scourge missiles do very little damage to my units (only 2-4% to Mantis/tracks).

On the contrary, if I switch to normal mode - the damage from scourge missiles becomes rather significant (must complete the last mission in the second campaign without Hardcore Mod so that the changes take effect).

Does anyone know what the problem is? I thought that Hardcore campaign must be more difficult than the original one.

Thank you!

I am also attaching a save game file of the first mission in the third campaign (Hardcore mod).
3-1 Hardcore.zip
Mission 3-1 Hardcore mod
(156.34 KiB) Downloaded 172 times
Currently running warzone2100-master-20180928-122314-de6b592_x86_portable.

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