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Is Bonecrusher really good?

Posted: 18 Feb 2024, 06:01
by montetank
It may be that Bonecrusher is better against Nullbot in a direct comparison. But as a human I have much more difficulty competing against Nullbot. Bonecrusher does the same thing over and over again: produce lots of units and launch an attack at random. With a few MG bunkers built at the beginning you have peace and quiet. In my opinion, the Bonecrusher is much weaker than Nullbot against humans. Oh yes, I'm here again.

Re: Is Bonecrusher really good?

Posted: 29 Mar 2024, 23:01
by Tzeentch
It does seem to vary.

Bone-crusher on easy will even beat Nexus on Insane.

What makes Nullbot better?
From what I've seen Bone-crusher is better at spending oil, is highly aggressive though a bit unidirectional in approach.
Nullbot seems... weaker overall but I wonder when it isn't.

Glad you are back. Me too!
I'm doing work on A.I.s at the moment myself, will share when I'm ready. :)

You'll be in for quite a treat...