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New Maps Database!

Posted: 16 Aug 2023, 00:06
by pastdue
Announcing the (new) Warzone 2100 Maps Database!

Find, download, and share new maps for Warzone 2100. Search, sort, and dig into map details.
For map-makers: get ready, set, and submit your maps!

This is yet another step in the long goal of preserving Warzone 2100 history, and celebrating - and highlighting - the growing community contributions. So go find your new favorite map! 🥳

Re: New Maps Database!

Posted: 25 Mar 2024, 13:50
by Tzeentch
Great work!

"A bot will automatically analyze, process, and validate your map. It will then post a comment to the Issue with a Status of Pass, or one or more failures."
A whole new set of extra vetted maps is welcome.

Where each one has own git repo using with own releases :)
Adding all of these without a doubt, to my collection.

Re: New Maps Database!

Posted: 26 Mar 2024, 15:49
by Tzeentch
Could the same be done for... Challenges?