How do you beat rocket+mgs?

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How do you beat rocket+mgs?

Post by xannkriegor » 09 Oct 2019, 12:49

edit: for starters, hi to the few players here still playing this :)

Saw a youtube video.
Started spamming small bodies + minirockets, transitioning to bigger ones and tank killers.
Only mixing in some MGs, usually trying to get assault guns.

I only play against bots but it seems to beat every single unit composition the nullbots throws at me, assuming roughly equal army sizes.

So how do you beat mass rocket+mgs in the first 20-30 mins?

Are nullbots just not researching better armor and dmg upgrades enough to be able to beat it?

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Re: How do you beat rocket+mgs?

Post by Iluvalar » 19 Nov 2019, 00:31

Hi, i'm not familiar with the current balance state in detail, but rockets research is a big investment. You should be able to expand and take more oil derricks then them. You can use structures which both mg and rockets are bad against.

With the extra derricks you should be able to outnumber them and at least hold your position until you reach to the second power upgrades first.
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Re: How do you beat rocket+mgs?

Post by andrvaut » 19 Nov 2019, 09:24

This is not a silver bullet.
Light bodies suffer greatly from splash and machine guns.
For all studies in this mix, noticeably more than 5 laboratories are required. As a result, you have to give up bullets or get weak rockets.

According to etum, a person can defeat this mix in the following ways on high oil (NTV):
1) Purely machine gun army. We approach at close range and missiles missiles will begin to miss.
2) Medium gun. If possible, we also fit butt.
3) Mortars. Deff or cyborgs.
4) At later stages of the HS and assaltgan

At low oil, we simply follow the usual rules:
Avoid battles in the open against rockets.
We do not give missiles the opportunity to play at a distance, we catch the opposing army at the bends and around corners.

PS bots do not play well.
I can calmly defeat them with my love for at least some working tactics.
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Re: How do you beat rocket+mgs?

Post by Jorzi » 29 Nov 2019, 11:07

Don't know if the balance has changed, but last time I played, cannon + mortar worked equally well. However the nullbot doesn't play this combo as well as a human player, because it likes to play very conservatively and can easily be tricked into retreating. Lancer has great burst firepower and good range and is therefore great for hit and run, but will easily take damage if continuously pursued.
Try starting out with grenadiers and light cannon, transitioning into HPV cannon. The grenadiers skirmish the enemy at long distance and pick off any cyborgs, then when attacked you retreat behind your cannon tanks which have a good mix of hp and dpm. The tanks should be able to push the enemy while supported by grenadiers, which can pick off retreating damaged units. At some point you can transition into twin assault cannon and incendiary mortar which are both very powerful weapons.
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