The Warzone 2100 Project guidelines

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The Warzone 2100 Project guidelines

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In order to simplify how things are done with this project, we have a new streamlined approach on how to handle things.

If you want to contribute to the project, you really should make an account on github, and clone our repository located at (you hit the clone button).

Once you have cloned the project, you are now free to do whatever you wish.

Now that you have your very own repository, fix what you have to fix, or create what you want to create, and then submit a ticket on trac, with either a link to your cleaned patch, or a patch that can be applied with the ticket, and a good description of what you are showing us.
Please don't just do pull requests from github, since the way github handles it is subpar, and we can't assign anything to it!
You can still have your patch on github, but, please put the .patch suffix on your commit that you have in trac, since that turns it into a patch serial.

We also encourage you to use the forum to state your intentions on what your plans are, that way, you will get feedback, and establish your intentions.
Also note, that some patches won't be accepted if they alter the core game in a manner that is deemed unfit. This is also why it is a good idea to get some feedback before you start working on a patch.
We don't want someone making Warzone 2100 into a FPS. While you could, and that very well may be a fun project, this project is about making the best RTS game possible, with the motto "Strategy by Design". It would be better to just fork Warzone, and proceed accordingly.

You should also squash all your *related* commits (changes) into one patch *before* you submit your final patch to us. We don't need your commit history, we just need the final, cleaned version.
For more information about this, please see step 6.

For translations, we will apply your patch before we do the next release, usually in the RELEASE CANDIDATE PHASE.

For patches to the code, we will first do a code review to see if the fix really does fix the issue at hand, and if so, we will usually apply after the review was done, if no issues were found.
Please note, when writing code, please follow the style guideline located here

For patches for anything else, the rule of thumb is, if it fixes something that is broken, then there is a high chance that it will be applied as soon as can be verified.
If it is simply updating libraries or other trivial issues, then we will wait until the RELEASE CANDIDATE PHASE to apply said patch.

NOTE: The 3.1 branch is feature locked.
That means, no new features will be accepted for that branch! This is considered the "stable" branch, and we only want bug fixes to this branch.
For new features, you should be using master branch to work on.

On the forum, when you see people with the Warzone 2100 logo, these members are part of the core developers, the programmers.
At this time, we have 3 people in this category. Per, Cyp_ and vexed.

When you see people with green colored names, those are defined as 'Helpers'. In short, they are part of the Warzone 2100 team with various duties, ranging from doing game patches, working on graphics, to doing addon reviews, and usually offer help to those that need it around the site.

When you see people with the orange colored names, these are people that have contributed in some way to the Warzone 2100 project either site help / design, translations, or things that have been included in the game.

When you see bright blue colored names those are usually moderators.
When you see gray colored names those are either admins, or developers that are not currently active (though, each developer/admin defines activity differently).

Forum, IRC and hosting rules are here.
We hope 2015 will be the best year yet for Warzone 2100, and we would like to thank all our donators who have help us with the server cost (all funds go directly to funding the server, nobody is getting paid, we are all doing this on our own free time), and all the other contributors that make a difference in helping us improve the game!
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Please post issues in Website feedback instead, only Moderators can read things there.