and one more = vallispass

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and one more = vallispass

Post by lav_coyote25 » 01 Aug 2009, 08:21

here is one that started off as almost unplayable due to the number of single spot holes in the terrain - have a look at some i havent discovered yet... still working on this - but is complete enuff to have a good run. :3

as usual let me know if you find problems.
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Re: and one more = vallispass

Post by KenAlcock » 15 Nov 2010, 06:12

:lecture: Lav_Coyote has set this map up well for skirmish play. I just spent the day playing sort of my own "challenge" on this map, which I thought was fun enough and challenging enough to share with others. By challenge here I do not mean the in-game challenges in Warzone v2.3, I just mean a scenario which is quite challenging to play. So what follows are the parameters of the challenge.

Challenge Title: Help Me! :shock:

You will understand the title after you play it a couple of times.

Map: Vallis Pass

Looking at the map, you'll notice that player 0 is on one side of the pass and the other 7 players are on the other side of the pass separated by a river with a few bridges across it.

Recommended Game Settings:
  • Scavengers = OFF.
  • Fog = Distance.

    Fog of War will make this challenge notably more difficult.
  • Alliances = Locked Teams, with the following three teams:
    1. Player 0 (human) and Player 7 (I suggest using colors Black and Gray)
    2. Players 1, 3, and 5 (I suggest using colors Blue, Cyan, and Green).
    3. Players 2, 4, and 6 (I suggest using colors Pink, Red, and Orange).
    I chose these players for each team so each team would have one player isolated somewhat by enemy forces. You can make the challenge easier or harder by changing which players are teamed up together. However, your team must always be player 0 and player 7. With the above teams, both of the enemy teams will enjoy a 3:2 research and production advantage over your team.
  • Power = Maximum.

    This setting affects all players equally.
  • Bases = OFF.

    Early on, the AIs will out-build you. However, with a good build order you can catch up and even pass them by. But more importantly this setting affects early tech availability. Leave this setting off, part of this challenge is that you will be out-researched.
  • Structure Limits should all be set to their default settings (which means VTOLs on), except for the Laser Satellite, which should be disabled.
  • All 7 AI players set to maximum difficulty.

    While this setting does help your AI ally, it helps your enemies even more! :shock:

:lecture: I would classify this map as medium to high power. But the power resources are spread out very well and you will be challenged to locate them all the first time you play the map. You will also be challenged to defend all your power resources no matter how many times you play the map.

MISSION: The challenge is to win the game by vanquishing all 6 enemy AI players, without losing your AI ally. By having an AI ally, who is surrounded by hostile enemy bases, you will have to save his butt several times throughout the game. :annoyed:

Depending on how the AI plays (there is some variance to how each AI player will play) you will either want to punch your PC through the monitor because the AI is a total idiot :x :stressed:, or you may even want to hug him upon occasion, because he's right there with you and plays tough. 8) How the AI plays also somewhat depends on what you do to help him. (I'm not going to give anything away here, but I have noticed that there are some things you can do to influence--to a point--how the AI plays. :ninja:)

So give the map and challenge a try and post your experiences! :D
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