Play as Scavengers

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Play as Scavengers

Post by PalantirBZH »

Hello :D ,

I'm a nostalgic guy who want to play again on Warzone2100, and i started edit a test map with the map editor "FlaME ver.1.29" ; 8)

I already modded some part of field and placed buildings + 2 spawn points + 2 builders, i set them on player 0 and player 1.

I placed some "Scanvegers" buildings as player 0, then saved the project and compiled the map, and moved it in the %AppData% maps game file.

But when i launch the game and use default parameters in the skirmish lobby, on game start, i have only my builder and Command Center on my own,

The other buildings have disappeared O_o

Can you help me fix the problem and find a solution please ? :|
I really want to have so fun with Scavengers :D

Thanks very much to read me and help :lecture:
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Re: Play as Scavengers

Post by JimmyJack »

I don't really know but I think that scavs have to be player 7
Transmission ends ...
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