Espoir du Front - Map 8 Players

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Espoir du Front - Map 8 Players

Post by Maitreyarck »

Bonjour !

I share with you my very first map for Warzone 2100. I don't know if it will interest players or devs, but I share it just in case.
Map - Espoir du Front V0.11 : ... sp=sharing

Overview :

Older versions :
V0.10 : ... sp=sharing
V0.9 : ... sp=sharing

To enjoy the 8-player card:
Medium energy.
Advanced base.
Ultimate Scavengers
First Technology
Approximately 35 minutes of play if you play as the Cobra bot.

You have a volcano with a big base of scavengers, a small base of scavengers in the dessert, several biomes, different bases with different advantages with defenses that can last 35 minutes of game if you play with people who go for it (tested with the bot "cobra" in difficult.

If you have any suggestions, bugs or bases that lack defense or any balancing issues, let me know, I'll do my best to make the map interesting, while staying true to my initial idea.
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Re: Espoir du Front - Map 8 Players

Post by PalantirBZH »


Je voulais télécharger la map mais les liens sont invalides...
C'est possible de mettre à jour svp ? :D

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Re: Espoir du Front - Map 8 Players

Post by JimmyJack »

Sorry, the file you have requested does not exist.
Transmission ends ...
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