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Update Map Editor

Post by PalantirBZH »


I know developpers have lot of works about the game, and i And I congratulate them all very much :D
But i have a question / request about the Map Editors

Possible to update "FlaME" or possible others "Map Editor" that i don't know actually.. :hmm:

To be Compatible with all Maps, and so that we at least know with which version of the Map Editor the maps were uploaded.

Because there are a lot of maps that I can't open because of a problem, which I think must be about Compatibility... or Version of the "Map Editor". :geek:

Thanks very much to read and help me 8)

PS : Sorry for my bad english, i continue learning :lecture:

** And, can you help me with this problem please ? :D **
FlaME - Open Map Problem.png
FlaME - Open Map Problem.png (15.55 KiB) Viewed 2138 times
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