Suggestion: Show object stats in game

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Suggestion: Show object stats in game

Post by ShitaoNuke »

With the possibility to design and build so many units and structures, there should be some info to help the player decide which parts to use in a vehicle or which defensive structures to build. Like how do I know which defences to build that work best against cyborgs or tanks?

It would be very helpful if the unit designer, structure build menu, and other interfaces could include some way to get stats on the various objects, for example weapon range and damage, and rate of fire, sensor range, armour values. The unit designer includes a bit of this but it is not that detailed. The intelligence report screen could be more useful if it gave stats in technologies, like stats for a newly researched weapon or armour upgrade.

I know there is some info on the betaguide website but it is very out of date, for an earlier version of the game, and does not include some things now found in the latest versions (for example lancer bunkers).

It would be best if the stats display methods pull the stats from the game data files rather than a manually inputted text so they stay correct when new versions of the game are made without someone having to remember to update them.
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Re: Suggestion: Show object stats in game

Post by harris67 »

Integrate an in-game information system that dynamically retrieves and displays detailed stats from the game data files within interfaces such as the unit designer and structure build menu. This ensures accurate and up-to-date information, aiding players in making informed decisions on unit and structure selection based on factors like weapon range, damage, rate of fire, sensor range, and armor values.
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