In-game message size

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In-game message size

Post by TiyoVincent »

I recently downloaded the 4.3.5 version and the in game message size are too big. During campaign it can fill-up to half a screen. Does anyone know how to reduce the message size?
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Re: In-game message size

Post by mirror176 »

Until someone else gives different/better feedback, options>video>display scale; that will impact more than just a fontsize of that popup presuming that you mean the purple bar on the top and may negatively impact the overall board view depending on the setting+monitor. You should be able to see and click through it in any case (unlike command history if enabled). I know there has previously been discussion of fonts and changing them pointed out their hardcoded values but don't know if that has changed to something user adjustable.
I'll similarly add that some of those messages could be condensed to fewer lines and still be just as useful; we don't need a separate line to reiterate the difficulty and cheats status, which will not change on a playthrough without cheats.
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