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VTOL question

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Hi. How do I make a bunch of VTOL circle in place like I see others do?
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Re: VTOL question

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Tap 'numpad 0' or right click on unit (will apply to multiple if right clicking on 1 of the selected or using numpad 0). You will see a series of orders and in the middle are arrows at the end of circular traces for patrol and circle. Click the circle order and click somewhere on the map. Units will fly directly there and then fly out from that location to the edge of a circle then begin a clockwise circle flight path.
Using 'numpad 0' doesn't require clicking on a potentially moving target where a misclick will deselect the current selection but right click is the only way I know of to bring up the equivalent menu for factories to autoassign unit fire&retreat states before they are built. You can always use ctrl+# to make a group before the right click to save the group selection somewhere (but currently removes units form any preexisting groups if you had any) and if you don't release the right click on miss and turn it into click+drag to move camera then units don't deselect; the menu opens on release and not the initial click so you would have to know you missed.
The hotkeys can be changed if you don't have a numpad or want to use a different key. I don't know of a key or setting for one for the circle order.
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