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Faulty website/wiki

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unfortunately the website in general is as good as dead, in the forum is rarely answered & some posts of mine are not sent/displayed at all. If I already talk about the "beta" guide, then many pages simply comes an error message, from the wiki I do not even start, there it still slumbers at version 3.0, no updates or the like.

Maybe I'm just criticizing too much, but I'm passionate about Warzone 2100 and try every map/mod imaginable. Speaking of "mod". The wiki about installing it is extremely confusing. The forum talks about it this way, the wiki says something else. You have no idea what the true. Also, the installation of mods, is so difficult that I just gave up from after multiple attempts. I get a display of it in the main menu, however, the mod does not work.

Maybe nagging at a high level, but I think a good maintenance of Wiki and the forum (which may be a bit dead) is essential. The download page "https://wz2100.net/" is exceptionally modern and good, however no link exists there to this website, I have no idea if these two are even related.

I do think that a good, reliably functioning and regularly updated forum page/website helps attract new players.

I would like to get involved in some way, but unfortunately I don't know anything about programming. But if there are projects where there is a lack of translators or tutorial makers, I'm happy to help (last point, only works if I understand it myself). This brings me to the point that there is little or no information or good tutorials when you want to install a mod / map.

I know the posting, may not be the most constructive and thoughtful, but it serves its purpose. Some things are nagging at a higher level, but some things, are meant seriously. I think I am also clear that each person puts their free time of their own choice in this project. I am also grateful that many changes and updates come regularly. I also don't want to attack the developers, who put a lot of work and sweat into this.
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Re: Faulty website/wiki

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The Discord server mostly was the nail in the coffin for the forum. The wiki is pretty old and efforts were begun to move the remaining good stuff over to the GitHub wiki but that stalled cause nobody wants to do it (or if there is some better way).
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Re: Faulty website/wiki

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I do think the same as you. However there is a link to here, in the "Resources" tab. (yes, it is pretty hidden.)

You need to know that before 2020 the download page gets completely along with the rest. I don't like the new download page either, and if it was up to me, i'll surely not change that page because it creates more negative experiences (just like what you got.)

Also, please don't go to Discord (hope you don't already have.)
The latest version is not the best. Some mods and AIs needs older versions.
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