Player positions swap (or playing chess with your self)

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Player positions swap (or playing chess with your self)

Post by nick87720z » 07 Oct 2021, 21:08

Two related functions:

1 - there could be command to exchange player positions in such way, that player takes control over other player's base, getting new visibility data. For more than 2 players there could be fixed shuffle order, specifying new position for each position so, that players would be moved cyclically if this command performed multiple times. For team plays this would allow e.g. to swap with or without mirroring (left becomes right relative orientation).

This could be used to get interesting custom challenges with bots. Like your nearly corner enemy and than whoops - bots takes helm of your original base, while player tries to survive as long as possible.

2 (sucked from finger, washed in sky) - there could be timer for periodic swap, configured in skirmish settings. It would work until victory condition. At 2-player setups clearest idea I got is such, that one player should win in time, otherwise players are swaped. The only issue I can't solve yet - swaping with defeated player in team matches (lol).

Also it could possibly be way for new players to learn - matches could last indefinitely long, with players swaped with relatively high rate (with too low timeout for any possible win before next swap / shuffle).

Yet about recon data swap. Could be two options:
- new (preserve recon data from target base).
- old (preserve recon data from original base).
In any way - new recon is immediatelly filled with data, visible by new units & buildings.

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