Total vision for the host

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Total vision for the host

Post by Warplayer » 14 Jun 2020, 22:14

Hello everyone,

I have a suggestion for the possibility for the host, in multiplayer games, have total vision when he loses the game.
If you are in individual map, and you are the host and lost the game, other players still playing.
So, this feature can be activeted only by the host, to see how the game is going on.
If the host loses in individual games, he need to stay, otherwise, the game will be finished.

Can the developers implement this feature in the next versions?

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Re: Total vision for the host

Post by andrvaut » 14 Jun 2020, 23:21

Now it is available in mod:
These changes were prepared for inclusion in the next release, but the verification and revision of the changes are still ongoing.
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