It's been a while...

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It's been a while...

Post by WZ2100ModsFAn » 13 Feb 2020, 05:15

I haven't played Warzone 2100 in ages cause it was harder. Then again it's an RTS game it's meant to be that way.
I had lack of self-esteem cause of the improvements to the campaign. (I know)
I do want to play again but my mindset gets in the way for that. (Looking at my old posts: My strategies were not all that good.)
I have changed over the years.. Since nowadays i am more tech savvy.
I am sorry for the way i have been i've kept trying to listen to you guys.
I stopped making mods for the better.
I am up for some improvement.
Edit: Darn, I guess nobody will read my post. I deserve it.

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Re: It's been a while...

Post by Jorzi » 15 Feb 2020, 22:44

A word of advice: just be patient.
This applies to your ingame strategies, your mods, your forum posts and life in general.
If your success is instant, it wouldn't be much of an achievement.
So don't worry
You will beat the game
Your modding skills will increase
Your forum posts will be read

Just remember that everything is a project, and instant gratification is a trap.
-insert deep philosophical statement here-

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