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Warzone 2100:mmo Rts

Posted: 12 Aug 2006, 16:05
by Speeder
what do you think abot that? i think that is a good idea, just imagine - 100 and moree peoples in real time play warzone together !!!!

oh i have new good idea! may be developters can change multyplayer code, and thise will be not only 8 players in multyplayer, may be we can have 16 people ???

Warzone 2100:mmo Rts

Posted: 13 Aug 2006, 14:05
by Suprano
The multiplayer part is in a very early state atm and needs to be improved a lot.
MMO RTS .. hm we need very big maps for that.. but could work i think... but as i said, the networkcode needs work.
I am no wz-dev, but when this stupid bug is fixed (See i want to try to get involved with the net-code..


Re: Warzone 2100:mmo Rts

Posted: 08 Oct 2006, 15:48
by Lixtan
This was actually thought of back at Pumpkin-2. The idea was to be called "Total Warzone," and we did get some demo engines done and stuff, but we never got anywhere near to creating a game.

Anyway, there's some documentation at, which I will link you all to. It's quite interesting.

link: ... 8db5f9e06d

Re: Warzone 2100:mmo Rts

Posted: 09 Oct 2006, 17:47
by DevUrandom
Suprano: No excuses, that bug is allready fixed. :) (Or you provided the wrong link.)
MMORTS: Not possible, reason: You need a MMORTS engine, which we don't have. (You can't change an usual engine to support MMORTS, ever.)

Re: Warzone 2100:mmo Rts

Posted: 09 Oct 2006, 23:07
by Lixtan
Actually, if one of us could get a hold of the engine that TWZ was going to use, we could make things happen. (There was a primitive version of the game, a little demonstration, if you will.) Should I look into this, or are we not going to worry about it right now?

Re: Warzone 2100:mmo Rts

Posted: 09 Oct 2006, 23:49
by Speeder
i think that net play in wz have manu different bugs, especialy you can see them if you use modem 56k, if you have adsl or ather typse of hige speed internet you do not see that bugs...

Re: Warzone 2100:mmo Rts

Posted: 20 Dec 2006, 20:13
by Terminator
I didnt want to make a new topic & this one suits for that I will right.

A few days ago I saw this site(its old & did update a lot of time)
Idia is not new too > Warzone 2120 . second wz .hmmmm ? I thought a little & compare our abilities. Man Kreuvf bigun a good thing but as a Total WZ they dont finish it. I hope WRP will be forever :)


While you were destroying its base, NEXUS sent his whole memories and its main_program through an underground-tunnel-system to an island (the British Isles) near Europe. In Europe there is higher radiation than in America. The British Isles have been terribly destroyed by the A-bombs and H-bombs that were "sent" to earth. Nexus began to build a colonie on the British Isles, after the temperatures had normalized. Because it was connected to its base in America, it could easily send itself to Europa. NOW it is rebuilding its base and it takes improvements on the defense. First, the Project thought NEXUS was erased forever.
I check this out and its realy was as he said. In the end of the final movie was a  famous Nexus laugh and connect with seatle(sensor or something like that). I forget about this scene at all.

However some parts of that idia not so good/ I mean "underground-tunnel-system". I understand this like a throught ocean was make a tunnel > Its realy stuped. May be better just fly on transport and so on...

Anyway this idia is good, if to sit a little with the script I can make a not bad hollywood sci-fy story in far future. if it will be needed.

Re: Warzone 2100:mmo Rts

Posted: 22 Dec 2006, 23:26
by Solitaire
I'd say you're quite far (only a few thousand miles :P ) off-topic if you compare that post to the thread title...  ;D

Besides, that underground tunnel bit doesn't do it for me, especially as it directly contravenes WZ canon (regardless of how Reed propagates himself in future, his escape mechanism was a typically AC2-Klein trick of bouncing his brain-map off a satellite, as seen in the end FMV)