Big idea! for multiplayer

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Big idea! for multiplayer

Post by rabbitpolice » 16 Feb 2009, 22:37

:P Ello im the anoying guy who asks stupid questions

well anyway I have a cool idea for multi player so people dont have to open ports
(I tried opening ports but I cant because my dad has a firewall on and I dont feel like asking him
to open for me)
anyway how about someone makes a server and all you have to do is
go on and if you want a different map you make a vote and if its just you it will change right
away and you can make a password for admins
heres an example from an fps game of what im talking about so what do you guys think

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That looks like a good idea

Post by Arreon » 16 Feb 2009, 23:20

I was hoping for something similar to You know, a server that makes a list of games that people hosted. That way people don't get confused. I haven't played once with multiplayer and I look forward to doing so.
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Re: Big idea! for multiplayer

Post by Tiberian » 17 Feb 2009, 11:40

there currently is a lobby server, although warzone's multiplayer GUI isn't so intuitive.

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Re: Big idea! for multiplayer

Post by shishkebab » 24 Feb 2009, 06:22

I like Tremulous too :D

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Re: Big idea! for multiplayer

Post by Buginator » 08 Mar 2009, 04:29

If only it was as easy as posting a screenshot. :stressed:

Too bad the current GUI code is ill-suited for anything more complex than it is now, without a heck of allot of hardwork & hacks.
and it ends here.

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