Highly recommend add "hosts blacking function" to lobby

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Highly recommend add "hosts blacking function" to lobby

Post by ShinyuWu » 29 Feb 2016, 17:09

There are many hosts they quit or kick players when they are losing, even wz removed rank feature,they are still keep doing like this.
It is just waste of time to play with these hosts because if they are a LITTLE BIT WEAKER than their battles,they kick battles,I dont think playing with these hosts will give most of players any kind of fun, so, can we just add a blacklist to lobby and ban hosts if they quit too much during game?

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Re: Highly recommend add "hosts blacking function" to lobby

Post by stiv » 29 Feb 2016, 20:19

Would you care to describe in more detail how this might work? How is the blacklist created and maintained. Do you have a way to keep the list from being gamed by the usual techniques that mess up on-line voting and polls?

IMHO, the root problem with on-line play is identity. Player Name is easily changed which means you never know who you are playing with. It is a well-known phenomena that being anonymous encourages bad behavior.

Registered player names let *you* decide who to play with. If "Bob" has proven himself to be unsocial, don't play with him. Simple. Think of it as a market-based approach, rather than centralized command and control.

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Re: Highly recommend add "hosts blacking function" to lobby

Post by Rommel » 01 Mar 2016, 02:10

Yeah we really need registered player names. It could start of very very simple, just username, email (for verification sending link to be clicked) and password. Or you could do away with email and have a captcha (would need to stop automated signup floods).

Or you could connect it with a social media like facebook - then we could do stuff like post game results on facebook for some advertising :)
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