4c-Garond Valley

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Re: 4c-Garond Valley

Post by Staff » 28 Apr 2013, 03:58

Yes, those are the errors in the map that need to be fixed.
Thanks for pointing them out Berg.
Sorry, this account has been deactivated.
Please post issues in Website feedback instead, only Moderators can read things there.

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Re: 4c-Garond Valley

Post by Olrox » 29 Apr 2013, 18:42

HUGE Update!

Reviewed the whole map not only fixing object overlap errors but also balancing as a whole.

Balance changes:
  • Reviewed relations between bases 1 and 3:
    • Player 3 was too vulnerable in relation to others due to the previous northeastern entrance. It was closed to better protect it from player 1. To maintain access to the easternmost oil node, the ramp giving access to the elevated passage was extended to the eastern fields; this funnels attackers into the expected smaller entrance (the other bases also have one).
    Nerfed Oil node access on the eastern side of the river:
    • There were 5 Oil nodes readily accessible for players 1 and 3 even if they couldn't defeat the scavengers blocking the bridges. Player 1 had especially easy access to resources, so the easternmost Oil node was pushed south. Apart from that, both Oil nodes situated in the peninsulas where transformed into VTOL-access nodes (require VTOL transports to take trucks or engineers), so that both sides of the river have 3 Oil nodes (with 2 oil each).
    Provided ramps to the river in some places to encourage usage of hovers:
    • The river was fully surrounded by cliffs before. Now there are ramps allowing passage of hovers, so that even if the scavengers weren't defeated or a player has seized and fortified a bridge, other players can opt to cross the river with hover units and build forward bases in the other side. Previously there wasn't a good reason to use hovers other than flat terrain speed for trucks.
    Standardized the base entrances:
    • There was a small difference between the base entrances (and some back entrances were prejudiced by scrolling limits), now every base has a 8 width entrance and a smaller side entrance. Base 3 has a bit larger side entrance since the player can use defensive structures to cover both entrances partially at the same time.
    Corrected advanced bases:
    • Added actual advanced bases, with main gates guarded by pairs of Heavy Cannon, Lancer and Heavy MG hardpoints, apart from Lancer, MG and Flamer bunkers. There's also an equal amount of Medium Cannon hardpoints scattered through the walls to promote protection to the perimeter. There are 4 mortar pits located near the entrance to soften the targets, and for AA purposes there are 4 Sunburst emplacements positioned near the walls.
      Apart from that there are two medium factories, a cyborg factory, two upgraded research facilities, two upgraded power generators, and a repair facility. That's certain to boost any game's start accordingly to the specified base level.
After a few tests I can say that there is a slight advantage towards position 0 now, but it's much more evident when advanced bases are selected. That's probably due to the southeastern medium cannon hardpoint covering most access to the central western oil resources from base 1. I am considering on contracting that border of base 0 and making its entrance ramp steeper not to prejudice internal space too much, while reducing the offensive potential of the natural fortification.

I'm also considering on removing the internal cliffs of the oil nodes and reduce the height of them as to allow players to build defensive towers in its corners.

I hope you can enjoy it even more now :D

Best regards,

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