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Stat editor (Python, json)

Posted: 24 Dec 2020, 14:19
by Radamat
Hello. I was thinking about conversion of Contingency to new stat format. So I have written python program that can edit stats in json-format.
contingency are allready json-comaptible, but I found my editor rather good and want to share it.
It can open wz-file and repack it. Editor were test up to state of successful save/load wz-file.
It uses PyQt5, numpy, zipfile and json.
Anybody may use it for you own purposes, it has "CC0" license.
Any proposals about how to improve it are wellcome.

Re: Stat editor (Python, json)

Posted: 25 Dec 2020, 17:44
by PanCHo
Looks bad for me, mods are not only contain stats but custom objects and scripts. What about rules? How you will edit them? Python is a bad choice for that anyway, QT even worse. I'm not even talking that same thing is already existing in the official repo, check out tools folder, it has interesting things. We are trying to get rid of that kind of things in WZ now but it is still appearing in this custom mod-editors-creators scripts. And what about that particular one: where is repo on github? If you don't have a repo for this don't even try to hope that somebody except you will work on that.
Want to improve something? Help us with map format, that one needs more help than stats. Everyone can use text editor and everyone who want make mods will understand how JSON works but not TTYP and LEV. Even schoolboy will figure out how to edit stats in 1 hour, better find more difficult tasks like terrain blending revisit. (btw welcome with your suggestions about format of this blending maps)
TL:DR not worth downloading

Re: Stat editor (Python, json)

Posted: 25 Dec 2020, 19:07
by Radamat
Thanks. Main purpouse of this editor is quick and comfortable (it is not yet) adding/editing of tech tree and component stats.
Why Python is bad choice fot text-file editing tools?
Qt, i find it good and customizable. I don't know it too deep to have problems with it's aspects some high level programmers speaking about.

A can can help with map format as with file format and information storage, but i know very litle about blending.
Anyway, may you give a link where is main discussion are going? Discord? how to get there?

Re: Stat editor (Python, json)

Posted: 25 Dec 2020, 19:39
by Radamat
it is not Mod editor. Warzone mods have very different parts (stats, scrips, ... ). Mod editor MUST know and take care about some values (weapon types for ex.) if thay are declared in other parts of mod. This tool main purpouse is tech tree and components adding/editing.
For now it lack of copy-paste functionality, import-export with dependencies control, links (fo ex, when you ctrl-lmb-clicks on 'Body5REC' string in 'givesComponent' field it should open editor for Body5REC component.

Qt is about GUI here. I dont know Qt well enough to have problems some strong programmes talking about.
But why Python is bad for stat editor? It has a lot of libs, good functionality of internal classes (types).

I saw stat editor in xlsx with online tool for export\import. Huh, well, if you have an elephant, you can pave a road with stones using elephants legs as hammers.

GitHub and other.. yes, I know. I don't use all the tools modern programmes must use.

Map format - i'm looking for discusion topic on forum, but has not found it yet. Discord? How to get there? I saw no invitation link.

Re: Stat editor (Python, json)

Posted: 11 Jan 2021, 07:33
by Counter Back
yes, this is stats editor. you make a good work, it's good for me more easy to make the stats :good: .

but why is the language even Russian when entering one of the names (for example B1BaBaPerson01) the object stats. solved.

Re: Stat editor (Python, json)

Posted: 11 Jan 2021, 08:54
by Counter Back
I fixed some little issues such as missing stats templates and inappropriate language: