Idea: WZ Battle Royale

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Idea: WZ Battle Royale

Post by _Topi_ » 01 Nov 2019, 16:08

Some of the most popular games today are based on a concept, where the playable map shrinks in time. This forces players closer, creating new game dynamics.

It would be interesting to try if this could work with Warzone. The players would have to choose if building defensive structures or research would be worth the risk that they are wasted later, compared to the advantage they could gain against other players which might not have made the same decision, if the structures are still intact after the playable area has shrunk. Shrinking oil supplies could be also an interesting element.

The forbidden area could be dark fog, which destroys, immobilizes or pushes units to safety, or it could be filled with for example invincible scavenger gunmen (think zombie hordes) or strong units, which however do not shoot to player area.

I haven't checked yet, but this may be doable as mod or it might need some minor support from base game. Ideally this method would be available for all maps, of course some maps would be better suited to this than some others.

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Re: Idea: WZ Battle Royale

Post by Berserk Cyborg » 03 Nov 2019, 00:06

It's possible with scripts. We can scale down the playable area of maps with setScrollLimits(). Some stuff might need to go through syncRequest() and eventSyncRequest, if you want the mod to be multiplayer compatible. Basically, if it alters any aspect of the playable game (object health, removal of objects...) then you will need to use those sync features.

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