Placing LZ in Flame

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Placing LZ in Flame

Post by nulldev » 14 Dec 2014, 23:52

Is there any way to place the "LZ" (Landing Zone) tile/feature in Flame (with the flashing lights is possible, not the one in the Arizona tileset)? If yes how?
If I have to place it manually, can you provide some instructions?
I want this for a map I'm making so...

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Re: Placing LZ in Flame

Post by NoQ » 15 Dec 2014, 08:19

It's not FlaME's job. The script function for placing LZ lights is called setNoGoArea() (see also docs for details); it also manages transports of a campaign level (assuming it is a campaign level; i have tried nothing of that in skirmish) to actually land there.

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