Planetary Campaign - Questions to Consider

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CDR Manuel
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Planetary Campaign - Questions to Consider

Post by CDR Manuel » 20 Dec 2013, 18:38

Yes, I've returned after building a new computer. Wow, I've been gone longer than I expected.

More to the point, I'm planning on a Planetary Campaign through the Latest Stable Build of this engine. And I've got questions, few of which are critical to the success of this project.

1. I plan to use a Map Generator for the setting of this campaign. What is the best choice? It must include:
* Horizontal wrap-around for editing beyond map borders. This is because I plan to dump the map render to PhotoShop at a later date.
* Support for Large Renders, since I don't know the actual pixel per inch proportions when I make the heightmaps. But one thing is for sure, they will be big.
* Must have a greyscale height chart, to match that of the color height chart used to depict landmasses from bodies of water.
* All of the above features must be free with the program.

2. What should be the conflict about? Abstracts included a natural resource like petroleum, and conflicting nationalist ideals.

3. Should I present the mission briefings as FMVs in the style of Command and Conquer, or as computer-assisted animations?

4. What about new unit assets, if possible, should I expand the tech tree, or do I have to replace assets towards my own?

5. Considering the above, should I present this campaign in the form of a total conversion mod?

Any suggestions, and/or alternatives are welcome, as long as a rationale is given.

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The Overlord
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Re: Planetary Campaign - Questions to Consider

Post by The Overlord » 22 Dec 2013, 01:14

If you need to expand the tech tree, I believe that Iluvalar's mod has a few more weapons you might be able to use:

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