[2.3] Fancy tilesets for the old game

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Re: [2.3] Fancy tilesets for the old game

Post by NoQ » 25 Jul 2012, 07:12

Updated to v0.5. Arizona and Urban had only bugfixes (no more grid at high distance bug), but rockies seem to have actually improved.

Also, added a complete mod (with all three tilesets) to the first post.

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Re: [2.3] Fancy tilesets for the old game

Post by zydonk » 25 Jul 2012, 11:28

Lord Apocalypse wrote:Nice, now those diehard 2.3.9 fans can stop crying over being left out of the pretty pretty tiles
No one has, if only because of their poor definition... But I'll try NoQ's and see what's what. Remember, there's nothing actually wrong with the original tiles.

Well. tried the tiles and the word is smooth, something like the state of a carpet after a hard night's partying.

ps "diehard"?. 239 is the most recent stable version.

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