My warzone maps (from duda)

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Re: My warzone maps (from duda)

Post by duda » 29 Jun 2017, 01:17

hello wz2100 community,

i m only here to say thank you to the community.

It was a great time for me here - when someonme remember me
It looks like i was a map-making inspiration here.
Some new art-form of map making.
maps that looks like an artwork- just a flat picture in the preview
and also great to play
imagine that preview as a print 3 x 3 meters or so as new kind of art.
and playable too.

(would be nice when someone from the coders could tell me the code
if the preview renderer - i m well at python to make a vector,svg-generator - thats the plan,
my work is to make a book - or why not a yearly wz map artwork promotion book or something -
just a great idea to promote push the game from my kind of view ...)
i m an artist and maybe i plan projects to do so - just abook with map previev artworks
when i have time for this - i let this idea here because im a inspiration
and i can't do all my ideas by myself
have to live my life also ... and many other art forming projects

FabioIT invited me in multiplay. never forget
and who was this bdc from vienna ... the rendering boy

haha and those russians and noob kids shitting arround in chats hehe
and never forget the aussie berg the tower map addicted one my biggest fan,
but i like that tower 10 map too - most in skirmish
try your skills offline
1 you Ateam
1 nullbot B-team next to your towerbase
and 3 nexus easy bots in A- team on your side
and opposite 5 nullbots B-team insane with scavs
i played this set too much - great for skirmish hard - TRY it

just smile
"unit is under attack!", "unit is under attack!", unit is under attack!" then i wake up ... (true story)

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Re: My warzone maps (from duda)

Post by Berg » 30 Jun 2017, 03:46

I must respond Duda
It has been a pleasure playing your maps as they inspire a lot of new players to join the community.
I personaly am glad you dropped by and challenge you to make a 2 player towers maps....hint hint.
Anyway dont be a stranger and thank you Duda for making maps.

Best wishes Berg

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