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Please pick a license if you upload something to this site!

Posted: 19 Jun 2011, 03:22
by Staff
The forum rules state that all content must follow the rules.

When you attach something in Addon Discussion (be it map/mod/music/gfx, or whatever else), specify the license you are releasing your work under as well.
The license types can be:
  • Public Domain or CC-0: Users can do whatever they want with your work.
  • CC-BY-3.0 + GPLv2: As above, but users must attribute you when modifying/redistributing your work.
  • CC-BY-SA-3.0 + GPLv2: As above, but users must allow modifying/redistributing of anything they create using your work.
note, it can also be another type, but we prefer one of the above.

Note, everything uploaded to this forum, MUST have a license listed in the thread!
Also, you can't make up a license either, if we catch you doing that, you will be banned.

Thanks for understanding!
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