Maps needed for inclusion into 3.1+

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Re: Maps needed for inclusion into 3.1+

Post by vexed » 09 Apr 2016, 05:11

It really would help if people would actually vote in the addons section of the site of the best maps they are playing with...
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Re: Maps needed for inclusion into 3.1+

Post by Ulteamatum » 28 Mar 2020, 00:16


Since I can't upload my maps and Crixus's ones to the Addons section (impossible to login; the problem has been cited yet in another 2018 topic), we would be grant if the best of our work could be implemented in further versions of Warzone; to make progress the content available for players.

Particularly in the concern of ten (10c) and especially very rare nine (9c) players maps, which are lacking to give a dynamism and punch pulse to the multiplayer. It will naturally attract new players and give, more than vitality, a new echo of the project toward the whole world just waiting to us. (Since OPA injected his "battle-arena", it gave a shy but real enthusiasm for discovering something new, proving the game is always on for rolling the 2020's).

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Re: Maps needed for inclusion into 3.1+

Post by Hoversun » 31 Jul 2020, 18:43

What is so different about the map Sir?

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