[3.1+] Campaign time limit mod

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Re: Campaign time limit mod (complete!!)

Post by kringled » 19 Nov 2011, 18:58

I replayed gamma 9 this week, and got myself down by about 10 minutes, with fewer unit losses (Total time of ~ 31 minutes for the level, reported time of 27 minutes once I reach the away area, final campaign time of 10:40). I'll have to look at some of your videos. I lined up my times and your times across a number of levels and while the majority of levels are pretty comparable (some I'm up by a minute or two, others you are) there are about 6-7 levels where your time was significantly faster, so I'm very curious to see what you did.
2.3.9 will make beta 4 slower, at least for me - the VTOL attacks will slow things down/impose more unit losses now that they don't get stuck, which will need energy to be made up for, which translates into more time. The enemy commander still seems to get stuck, though.
I'll recommend to anyone who likes the campaign but is looking for more of a challenge to try your mod or to try themselves making it through as quickly as possible.

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Re: [3.1+] Campaign time limit mod

Post by NoQ » 01 Nov 2013, 20:59

Bump! Updated for the 3.1 campaign, thanks montetank for the complete testing! :D
See the first post.

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Re: [3.1+] Campaign time limit mod

Post by montetank » 02 Nov 2013, 00:48

Yes- it works very fine. During the test i forgot all about what i have learned earlier :3
The campaign offers more than python-tracks. It was nice to see, how powerfull quick viper-mg could be. And the cyborgs, i never used earlier in the normal campaign.
I can recommend to try this "time is money"-mod :)
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