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AIvolution questions

Posted: 09 Jul 2008, 02:52
by Molotov
Where can I find the most current release of AIvolution? Actually, stepping back, does AIvolution work with 2.0.10?
Additionally, does AIvolution suffer any bugs that would make it undesirable compared to the stock AI?

Re: AIvolution questions

Posted: 11 Jul 2008, 14:08
by Kreuvf
Not sure here, but I think Troman did work on the AI-stuff and changed things so he could do what he wanted with Aivolution. That's why I think that it does not work with 2.0.x.

Re: AIvolution questions

Posted: 17 Jul 2008, 14:00
by CoYoT-RTN
Kreuvf rightly… ;)

Source : ... ails=16097
> 2008-03-16 : Version 2.1 Beta 2

General :

* New: Preview of italian (35% complete), french (25%) and russian (9%) translations
* Fix: Crash (integer divide by zero) when starting a multiplayer game after playing a single player game
* Fix: A memory corruption in structure limits could cause destroy button to disappear (among other things)
* Fix: Crash during saving in multiplayer/skirmish mode, when Aivolution AI is enabled (bug #11084)
* Fix: Special characters would be printed as '?' (bug #10913)
* Fix: Warzone could lock up, trying to pick a droid (bug #11250)
* Graphics:
* New: Replaced old menu backdrops with new, high-res ones
* Change: Reduce the number of atmospheric particles generated and lower the CPU usage
* Fix: Briefings were not displayed at high resolutions (bug #11121)
* Fix: Fonts were not displayed with QuesoGLC 0.7.0 (patch #961)
* Fix: Fireworks looked crappy (patch #994)
* AI:
* Fix: Restarting a map caused "unable to load experience" messages (bug #11085)
* Fix: Upgrade power generator with powModule instead of resModule (bug #11122)
* Fix: AI opponents would use the medium yellow body all the time (bug #11097)
* Balancing (Multiplayer):
* Change: Let weapons with high ROF but low damage deal damage too (bug #11191)
* Change: Fortress balacing adapted

> 2008-02-17 : Version 2.1 Beta 1


* New: i18n support (German translation at 95%, dansk 13%, dutch 11%)
* New: Optional additional AI: Aivolution
* New: 64bit compatibility
* New: Video options menu to allow for things such as resolution to be
changed without needing to manually edit the config file.
* New: 'Locked Teams' alliance mode: human players and AIs can play in a team against other teams.
* New: Allies now have shared vision in 'Teamplay' and 'Locked Teams' modes.
* New: Height-map mini-map mode (Default key combination to cycle through mini-map modes: Ctrl+Tab).
* New: Multi-Turret support for units and structures.
* New: 'Circle' command for VTOLs - upon activation will make VTOLs fly in circles and engage approaching enemies.
* New: A more realistic miss/hit evaluation system - allows to dodge projectiles.
* New: Top, bottom, left, right, front and rear armor types for units.
* New: Improved scripting language documentation.
* New: UTF-8 and font rendering support added (aids in i18n). This depends on QuesoGLC.
* Change: Migrate all networking code to a new and improved net-primitives API.
* Change: Store data in "Local SettingsApplication Data" instead of "My DocumentsMy Games", as Microsoft recommends.
* Fix: Skirmish difficulty slider now applies settings to the right players.
* Campaign Mode:
* Fix: accuracy, damage and ROF upgrades, which were mistakenly applied to Mini-Pods and Mini-Rocket
Artillery, are now correctly applied to Lancer, Bunker Buster, Tank Killer and Ripple Rockets.
* Unit AI:
* New: Multi-criteria target selection routine to automatically choose the best suitable target.
* New: Units and structures will constantly look for a better target taking into consideration
targets of the friendly units nearby - won't lock on one target forever anymore.
* Skirmish/Multiplayer AI:
* New: Enabled basic level of Human-AI cooperation, for more information visit:
* New: AI units now return to defend its own base when it's in trouble.
* Improved: AI is faster at producing units, upgrading structures and oil capturing.
* Several other improvements.
* Fix: AI doesn't get free units when playing in 'Advanced Bases' mode anymore.
* Fix: AI won't preferably attack humans anymore.
* Buildsystem:
* New: Gettext required (0.17 is known to work)
* New: Intel C++ Compiler (ICC) supported (10.0 is known to work, FIXME: only release-mode compiles atm :FIXME)
* Change: No optional dependencies anymore (Ogg/Vorbis now required)
* Change: Use pkg-config (0.9 should work) instead of autoconf scripts for SDL, PNG and Ogg/Vorbis (Faster)
* Balancing (Multiplayer):
* Rock-Paper-Scissors applied to all weapon types by emphasizing their specialization.
* Less popular technologies like LasSat, Fortresses, Flamers, Mini-Pods, Light Cannon are made more attractive
by raising their effectivity.
* Cost/Performance ratio improved for Cyborgs.
* Cannons cause more splash damage are now more versatile in their use.
* Lancer and Tracks have more pre-requisites to become available.

Re: AIvolution questions

Posted: 17 Jul 2008, 18:17
by Troman
Kreuvf wrote:Not sure here, but I think Troman did work on the AI-stuff and changed things so he could do what he wanted with Aivolution. That's why I think that it does not work with 2.0.x.
Nice explaination...
Anyway, to clarify it: Molotov, theoretically it does work with earlier Warzone versions, but you will have to get an earlier version of Aivolution from the SVN, becuase it wasn't officially released for 2.0.x.

Re: AIvolution questions

Posted: 17 Jul 2008, 20:26
by Molotov
Actually, I decided to grab the beta so i could play the NTW mod, so this entire thread is now moot... :gonk: