Play campaign in skirmish!

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Play campaign in skirmish!

Post by iddi01 » 08 Dec 2022, 12:08

This is a mod which makes skirmish/multiplayer games use campaign stats (yes, campaign does have different stats than skirmish/multiplayer)
Sounds simple, right? However i spent a lot of time tweaking balance for this mod so it's at least reasonably balanced.

To apply this mod (as with any other mods): Start the game and go into options, then click the yellow "Open configuration folder" on the bottom left.
Place the file in the <folder that opens>/mods/<game version>/autoload

About AIs: The SemperFi AI plays best with this mod, while Cobra researches best. Bonecrusher is broken with this mod, so don't use it.
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The latest version is not the best. Some mods and AIs needs older versions.

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