[3.4.0] 'Classic.wz' - Warzone 2100 Classic Mode for Campaign

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[3.4.0] 'Classic.wz' - Warzone 2100 Classic Mode for Campaign

Post by AlexTheDacian » 15 Jul 2020, 22:36

Hi there! Alex here. :D

As more and more people are coming back to this gem, we've been somehow a bit flooded with questions regarding some of the current stats of the campaign, either being harder for some, impossible for others, weapons not behaving like before.

So, to satisfy everyone, I've started working on a stats mod that somehow turned into a full blown Classic Mode that currently includes the following things:
- old propulsion model for Wheels;
- old building model for Tank Traps;
- original 1.10 buildings stats;
- original 1.10 body stats;
- 2.1.1 weapons stats - currently converting them to 1.10;

Things that need to be added or tweaked or removed:
- darken the Green textures a bit to resemble the original feel;
- finish converting the weapons stats;
- remove some of the mission timers;
- check for various units/buildings placements;
- add back the mist fog;
- add back the old terrain textures;

You can check for the current progress here:

Here's the link for the current 0.1a:
https://mega.nz/file/xt5xwbjK#Z67JD6FAr ... YX6xP_qdns

All the feedback is welcomed. :lol2:

Cheers! :wink:
One of the few Dacians left in the world. :lazy2:

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