Removing Unit limits?

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Re: Removing Unit limits?

Post by Counter Back » 19 Aug 2020, 02:42

Blucher wrote:
18 Aug 2020, 14:28
I have extracted the mp.wz folder

I get a list fo files and folders, none of them named rules.js there is one named ruleset.js.
I have opend that and it just shows the following.

"tag" : "mp",
"type" : "SKIRMISH",
"name" : "Original Skirmish"

I apologise that I am not very computer literate as most of you on here are. What am I doing wrong ?

Really apreciate the help you are trying to give me.
it is not correct, if you say mp.wz is a folder, it is a file, basically .wz file is .zip format
if you find 'whatever-the-name.whatever-the-format' it is a file, if you find 'what-ever-the-name' and you can added other like file or the folder itself, it is a folder.

folder mp is branch off

file rules.js is not branch off
zip or rar format have branch, but not like folder it is must be extrack to see the branch.

I have learned my ubuntu linux os, I have repair my computer systems module like python2 pip and python3 pip3.
and know what is the defferent.
Someday I will show them the true nature of life! If they know, Regards from CB.

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