[MOD] Oil Finite 3.3.0+

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[MOD] Oil Finite 3.3.0+

Post by Prot » 24 Apr 2019, 11:29

Entertainment mod for not infinite oil.
(15.17 KiB) Downloaded 90 times
Different initial quantity of oil is given
If you start with the base, and the oil rig is pre-installed, 600pts(pts is not energy) oil is given inside oilwell.
Free oilwells on the map give 900pts oil inside.
The algorithm is:
Player pump 1pts of oil by game second.
Scavenger pump 0.25pts/sec
Burning oil drain 5pts/sec

This about 10minutes pumping on started oilwells, and about 15 minutes of each oilwells on the map.
But the battle for oil, its frequent destruction and burning will quickly dry it up.

PS: When mod is loading and running you see message on the start match "Mod Running: Oil Finite"

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Re: [MOD] Oil Finite 3.3.0+

Post by andrvaut » 26 Apr 2019, 18:00

Today we will test the mod Oil Finite:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_uiuz7t ... tion=share
vaut ΣΑ [GN], ru streamer.
Tournaments channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzusNa-54ydodtSz2TdHFww

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Re: [MOD] Oil Finite 3.3.0+

Post by Prot » 08 Mar 2020, 09:21

Release v2.00

(9.9 KiB) Downloaded 32 times

  • new: Now when you click on the oil rig under your control, you will see how much percent of oil is left.
  • new: Now if there are not enough generators, oil rigs do not waste their resources (fixed from version v1.00)
  • new: Priority pumping from distant oil rigs, if there are not enough generators, the most distant oil rigs are pumped out first.
  • new: Now the oil rig does not disappear when it is destroyed by an attack, but burns down with the fire (fixed from version v1.00)
  • new: If the number of oil rigs is less than the number of players, new oil rigs appear on the map in a random but accessible place.
  • new: Additional rule: If the player has Command Relay Center builded, then their oil wells consume 2 times less oil with the same increase in energy.
  • new: After the oil rig is exhausted , a barrel of oil remains in its place.
  • new: New chat command: "of mod", "of enable", "of disable"
  • modding:Ready for modpack.
  • modding:Rewrited whole mod from scratch.
  • modding:Removed stats game files from mod. This dependency is no longer needed.
  • modding:Removed dependency from rules.js, mod now use namespace()
  • modding:All mod code in a separate file oilfinite.js
  • modding:rules.js updated from 3.3.0b1 -> 3.3.0 and contain only single line: include("multiplay/skirmish/oilfinite.js");
  • modding:All mod settings are duplicated by еnglish comments.
Stats are changed:
Free oil has 2000pts
Player prebuilded oilwells has 1700pts
New oil spawns with only 500pts
Player pumped 2pts in second or 1pts in second with Command Relay Center builded.
Burned oil drain 10pts/sec in 60 seconds while it's burn.
Scavengers 0.1pts/sec

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