Cobra skirmish AI

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Re: Cobra skirmish AI

Post by nick87720z » 14 Dec 2019, 12:48

Finally I got again to forum. Recent cobra is able to beat uscavs at least with Enhanced Balance. Also I tried team of 3 cobra without EB at FortScav 2x2 (using debug mode to wipe own trucks / set on global visibility). It seems to be first time when they could beat scavs at this map. Don't remember how it is at Standard skill, but with Hard it did not even lose anyone. Can't remember results for 2 cobras. Going to try 2vs2 at same conditions (note, all cases starting with no base).

Still some issues with building, though less critical. At Startup map, when swapped positions with cobra, cobra one time could not build something (probably command center), but then continued with another generator (same worker team). Though later it did successfuly built CC.
- In another case at FortScav... sorry, I remember it too vaguely... One of bots in team experienced similar stuck. Although it has fully operational base with CC, factories, and so on, trucks did very few to maintain base when it was under scavs attack. They just kept in very back of base, around of one factory, while scavs slowly erased base. Of course, combat units still produced, but where destroyed too quickly. Afaik, that case this bot went mortar way.

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