BP's Expanded Structure Limits - 3.2 Release

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Black Project
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BP's Expanded Structure Limits - 3.2 Release

Post by Black Project » 17 Jul 2016, 18:37

(7.35 KiB) Downloaded 242 times
HOW TO INSTALL MODS: http://developer.wz2100.net/wiki/FAQ#HowdoIinstallamod

Structures added to the limit list:
Hardcrete Gate
Hardcrete Wall
Power Module
Research Module
Oil Derrick
Tank Traps
AA Flak Cannon Emplacement
Hurricane AA Site
Whirlwind AA Site
Jammer Tower
Incendiary Howitzer Emplacement
Howitzer Emplacement
Ground Shaker Emplacement
Archangel Missile Emplacement
Mini-Rocket Battery
Seraph Missile Battery
EMP Mortar Pit
Incendiary Mortar Pit
Mortar Pit
Bombard Pit
Ripple Rocket Battery
Hellstorm Emplacement
Pepperpot Pit
Machinegun Guard Tower
Stormbringer Emplacement
Avenger SAM Site
Vindicator SAM Site
Sunburst AA Site
CB Tower
Radar Detector Tower
Sensor Tower
Hardened Sensor Tower
Wide Spectrum Sensor Tower
Nexus Link Tower
VTOL Strike Tower
Assault Gun Hardpoint
Assault Cannon Hardpoint
Scourge Missile Hardpoint
AA Flak Cannon Hardpoint
EMP Cannon Hardpoint
Hyper Velocity Cannon Hardpoint
Tank Killer Hardpoint
Pulse Laser Hardpoint
Whirlwind Hardpoint
Rail Gun Hardpoint
Gauss Cannon Hardpoint
Vindicator Hardpoint
Avenger Hardpoint
Twin Assault Gun Hardpoint
Heavy Machinegun Hardpoint
Light Cannon Hardpoint
Medium Cannon Hardpoint
Heavy Cannon Hardpoint
Lancer Hardpoint
Cannon Fortress
Mass Driver Fortress
Missile Fortress
Heavy Rocket Bastion

Structures not added to the limit list:
Tank Killer Emplacement
Hyper Velocity Cannon Emplacement
Flashlight Emplacement
Heavy Laser Emplacement
Plasma Cannon Emplacement
Rail Gun Emplacement
Gauss Cannon Emplacement
Needle Gun Guard Tower
Scourge Missile Guard Tower
Pulse Laser Guard Tower
Rocket Pod Guard Tower
Lancer Guard Tower
Machinegun Bunker
Assault Gun Bunker
Light Cannon Bunker
Flamer Bunker
Inferno Bunker
Plasmite Flamer Bunker
Twin Assault Cannon Bunker

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Re: BP's Expanded Structure Limits - 3.2 Release

Post by Berg » 17 Jul 2016, 22:54

Just testing the Mod I notice that you need to reset the mod every boot do you have a configure file for it with default setting?

The 250 limit on oil derricks should be pre-set to 40 and allow to be + or - from default settings?
That is also correct for all other structures that are by default set lower then 250 items.

I do see info on slide bars being incorrect.

Code: Select all

info    |06:44:32: [W_SLIDER:60] Too many stops for slider length
info    |06:44:32: [W_SLIDER:60] Assert in Warzone: slider.cpp:60 ((!horizontal || init->numStops <= init->width - init->barSize) && (!vertical || init->numStops <= init->height - init->barSize)), last script event: 'N/A'

It seems to show no errors at the moment but I do not see much feed back on this thread.

Regards Berg

Spring Chant
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Re: BP's Expanded Structure Limits - 3.2 Release

Post by Spring Chant » 30 Jul 2016, 19:29

If I install this, will it actually disable laser satellite ? as even reducing it to zero on structure limits in the normal game does not stop it being researchable or AI actually using it.

Spring Chant
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Re: BP's Expanded Structure Limits - 3.2 Release

Post by Spring Chant » 14 Aug 2016, 14:47

Will this mod actually disable laser satellite ?

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