Addons information & rules

Did you create a mod, map, music, or a tool? Present them here and earn feedback!
Note: addon requests do not belong here.
Note, everything uploaded to this forum, MUST have a license!
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Addons information & rules

Post by Staff » 18 Mar 2013, 02:55

Now that you have made a addon, and you wish to share with the rest of the community, you should first upload it to the Addon discussions area of the forums.

In ​Addon discussions, you ask people to test your addon, and give you feedback. Once all the issues have been ironed out, and it works, and you don't get any warnings/errors messages in your log files, then it is time to upload your creation to ​Addons.

Note, respect other people's license!
  • You are not allowed to upload addons that are not made by yourself. If this is a team effort, note that in the appropriate field.
  • You must give credit to the original author if you based your work off their work, and they allow changes to their work.
  • Do not upload anything that can be considered offensive. You will be warned on the first occasion, and banned on the next.
  • Do not use profanities in the addon description, title, or content.
  • Do not upload old maps unless you are the author. (We need a license for everything!)
  • You must have a valid author and license for each addon!
  • All forum/IRC rules still apply as well.
Once you have uploaded your addon, it will be put in a moderation queue.

Be patient.
We only have a limited number of people that can help with the moderation, and they need to check on things to makes sure everything is working like it should. If something is wrong, a moderator will fill out a rejection report for your addon, and you will get a chance to fix the error(s). Then you resubmit your changes by clicking on the fix link you will see on your addon.

Once your addon has been approved, you will see it in the main list, where people can now download & vote on it.
  • Don't try to rig the vote or stuff the vote! You will get banned for attempting to do this.
  • Don't argue with the moderator, if you have a issue that can't be solved, then go back to your thread that you started in ​Addon discussions and politely engage in conversation there.
  • Don't upload indiscriminately, this isn't a contest to see who can upload the most things. We want quality addons.
  • Staff members can and will pull questionable content.
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Please post issues in Website feedback instead, only Moderators can read things there.