Enhanced Balance Mod for 3.x

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Re: Enhanced Balance Mod for 3.x

Post by Berserk Cyborg » 01 Jan 2022, 23:40

New version of EB mod, v1.2.2, is now available for 4.2.4+: https://github.com/KJeff01/Warzone2100EB/releases. As I don't post updates in the forums often enough, lets just say the majority of issues outlined in my last post is dramatically smaller. The mod now has completely balanced weapon lines (yes, the lasers included!) so the mod is "complete" in that sense. Or so I tried to emulate what MIH-XTC did, anyway.

I know campaign balance with this mod used to be a issue but with the fixed research tree and general addition of missing structure defenses (Alpha AA turrets for example), things are better on that front.

Probably won't have much else to do. My todo log is incredibly small
So this mod is approaching completion for what I wanted to fix. The next update I will be redoing the entire campaign so that it is a super difficult experience without all the unnecessary map edits so that it can be updated easily by me or anyone else who wants to continue with the mod in regards to what goes on in the base games' development. This will be important as EB is using 4.0 or 4.1 as the base of campaign scripts and I want it to have the features and updates the modern releases already have.

version 1.2.3 is out. It corrects a lot of weapon data that was missing like missing short ranges, fixes super heavy VTOLs and them not firing, makes some Incendiary weapons actually incendiary.

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