Inscrutable installation paths

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Inscrutable installation paths

Post by Link_17 » 28 Jun 2021, 22:04


The official site talks about a folder in %appdata%, the wiki talks about the folder in "Documents" and somewhere else they talk about the folder in the Program Files, now where to put the addons?

I have followed the instructions in the wiki exactly, but when I enter this command, an error message appears.

"C:\Program Files\Warzone 2100-4.0.1\bin\warzone2100.exe --mod_mp=bp_3-2_limits_mod_v1.wz"

I put the mod in the documents under "C:\Users\....\Documents\Warzone 2100 4.0\mods\multiplay". The above command works, but the mod does not load/function.

What am I doing wrong? I've been trying for many months, every time I freak out because it just doesn't work!!!

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Re: Inscrutable installation paths

Post by Berserk Cyborg » 29 Jun 2021, 23:31

The wiki is severely outdated. The appdata directory is the correct spot to put mods. ... er-windows

A skirmish mod for 3.2 won't work due to extensive changes over the years that mod was last updated.

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