[3.1] Ultimate Scavenger AI Mod

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Re: [3.1] Ultimate Scavenger AI Mod

Post by Forgon » 15 Mar 2020, 13:35

Swagmaster Bandit wrote:
15 Mar 2020, 09:53
Is this version still compatible with the Steam Version? As in, pretty stable for multiplayer? I remember back them having issues with newer versions with crashing.
The Steam version you are referring to has been made by a dubious
individual without any connections to our project. We do neither
support nor endorse it.

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Re: [3.1] Ultimate Scavenger AI Mod

Post by nick87720z » 05 Apr 2020, 15:47

I remembered description from contingency scavs and meanwhile noticed, that even pre-cont scavs could have some more interesting techs/units.
- Baba sniper (of course if infantry were not excluded): two kinds of antimaterial sniper rifle, low cal (12,7 mm), med cal (14mm or 16mm) and hi-cal (20mm). Low cal one - with AP type (for infantry, wheels and hover, just like today) and high rate. Hi-cal is cannon-type, so should be affected by all cannon upgrades. For some fun, low-cal could be salvo weapon, with good ROF in salvo, and some delay for recharge (still faster than for mini rockets).
- Other baba types:
grenadier (40mm GL)
bomber - close-range gui, delivering anti-bunker/anti-structure charge.
rocketman (counterpart for rocket cyborg, but with minirocket cal),
reconciler and/or target-designater aka sensorman ))
may be some sort of ataman aka comander XD, essentially acting as designater
worker and engineer. There could be repair vehicles, with common elements from evacuators.
or may be really
- jeep adaptation of heavy AT missiles (inspired by TOW launcher).

Given what is highest tech for uscavs (nexus tank), thay also could have some T2 spec techs:
- multibarell MG for copters, vehicles ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uzLNC-strf0 ) and possibly even baba (extreme ROF with weak shots, only to clean enemy baba crowds).
- pepperpot based: 6 shots salvo baba GL (unsure if baba at 2100 could have chaingun GL, kkk), same for vehicles, including copters. Regular mortar is probably only for ground vehicles.
- ripple rockets based: heavy missile launcher with similar range (requiring sensor for best use), seems essential continuation from minirockets. May be lower (1 to 4) rocket number in salvo.
Btw, remembered minigun bi-cycle from the "Machete" trash movie X)

T3 based:
- long-range homing AA missiles aka stinger (though imho, homing should be available just by laser designator).
- finally enabling homing for AT
- laser, gauss and rail guns for vehicles
- hacker XD (uscavs already have nexus tank)
- emp based: electro-shocker baba, vehicle microwave anti-crowd emitter.

Btw, it looks funny, how babas are "brainwashed" by nexus weapon.

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Re: [3.1] Ultimate Scavenger AI Mod

Post by JrmyR » 07 Apr 2020, 11:39

This mod is great but I'm experiencing desync in multiplay games.

Is this mod supposed to work in multiplay games?

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Berserk Cyborg
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Re: [3.1] Ultimate Scavenger AI Mod

Post by Berserk Cyborg » 07 Jul 2020, 00:23

Release 3.4.0 will not be the end of the carnage Ultimate Scavengers shall bring forth. They roam again seeking to make everyone their victim. And not just humans, oh no, even the mightiest of bots can fall to their legions.

I present Ultimate Scavengers for release 3.4.0. Download latest release here!

Changes from 3.3.0 compatible version:

1. Fixes instant desync in true multiplayer.
2. No longer spams cranes for the first few minutes in (advanced) bases.
3. Synced with 3.4.0 stats.

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