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Forum & IRC & Game hosting rules

Post by Staff » 12 Aug 2012, 02:54

Our forums have always had rules; they are the Terms of Service (Site Policy) linked in the footer.

However, since it seems members are having trouble finding the forum rules, and because the Terms of Service are somewhat legalese, and because it's easier to refer to rules if they're numbered, here is a human readable form of the Terms of Service.

Where relevant, these rules apply to all of Warzone, including the forum, IRC channel, Trac, mailing list...:
  1. Pay attention to the thread's date! There is no reason to dig up old posts (necro) and reply to them, since in the vast majority of the time, the issues surrounding that post has long expired. Start a new thread, and post a link to the old thread if you think it still is relevant.
  2. Respect other members. Be nice. Trolling, flamebait, and personal attacks will be removed.
  3. Don't spam. Discussion and straying slightly off-topic is fine, as long as it isn't outright advertising for something unrelated to Warzone.
  4. Post topics in the correct forum. If you don't, they will be moved.
  5. Double posting is discouraged. Don't do it unless you have a good reason, such as that you're announcing a new version of your mod.
  6. Signatures and avatars should be reasonable. Your signature should not be longer than an average post. Excessive or distracting animation may be removed. Any increases to font size will probably be removed. Avatars should not imitate Warzone staff banners - a banner that imitates the Warzone rank banner style may not have a grey block that says "WZ" on the left.
  7. Post content should be reasonable. Don't post anything excessively malicious, vulgar, obscene, or sexual.
  8. It isn't nice to mess with the forums.
    • Don't register for multiple accounts, unless you have prior approval of the Warzone staff.
    • Don't create new accounts in an attempt to aid others to bypass bans.
    • Don't impersonate Warzone staff members, or any other user on the forum.
    • Don't bypass moderator's decisions about content control.
    • Don't post messages for banned individuals.
    • Don't start a new thread to bypass thread closures.
    • Don't hack into any part of the site.
  9. Obey the local laws. Do not post anything that would be illegal to display on a website hosted in Germany. In particular, avoid posting content that infringes copyright, and avoid posting anything that a child cannot see (such as pornographic content).
  10. Do not hide behind an anonymization service. The ability to be anonymous on the internet is great, but unfortunately it has been abused so much previously on this forum, that we no longer permit it.
Plus some not-really-rules-but-policies:
  • Your post may be edited. We will not edit/delete a post without its poster's permission, except to do one of the following:
    1. Remove content that violates the forum rules.
    2. Add a translation to a post written in a language other than English ("chatspeak" doesn't count as English for the purposes of this rule).
    3. Note that a post's content is incorrect, so it does not confuse future readers. (we will cross out incorrect content like this, but not remove it)
    4. Fix broken markup like this[i/] to make a post more readable
    5. Edit a thread title to more accurately express the topic of the thread
    6. Remove the color red, which is reserved for moderator declarations.
  • Moderator declarations are red. If a staff member posts something in red, that statement is said on behalf of the Warzone Project, rather than as an individual. Moderator declarations have the force of forum rules, although they are not reproduced here because they are limited in scope (they usually apply only to a single thread or member).
    • These people are considered moderators: The team

Keep in mind that most all those rules also apply to our IRC channels as well.

  • Avoid highlighting and repetition. Please do not use words and sentences in all-uppercase, or abuse highlighting, beeping (^G) on public channels, or repeating the same lines over and over.
  • Playing with bots in the IRC channel is disruptive to other members. Please do not do it.
  • Please get approval from the Warzone 2100 staff before introducing your own bots to the channels.
  • Do not spam links to other sites or channels, unless requested.
  • Do not pretend to be someone else, either in games, or in channels; this will result in a ban.
  • IRC bans are forum bans.
  • If a channel operator tells you something, you should listen to what they say.

Not following these rules can result in a kick or a ban.

If an operator isn't around, you can and will still be banned if you misbehave in any of the Warzone channels. We have logs that we can read.

See for more information. When logs available, links to them can be found on the channel topic.

When hosting games:
  • Your games are shown on a public server.
  • We have zero tolerance for abusive language being used in any way related to the game.
  • repeat offenders will be banned.

Thanks for your cooperation in making Warzone 2100 more enjoyable to everyone, of all age types. :)
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