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Re: Cheaters

Post by Andrie » 30 Jun 2012, 07:47

NoQ wrote:Also, are you a good enough player to know exactly whether someone is cheating or is just playing better than you? Why should i trust your list?

Also, what's the point of the list when anybody can change the name any time?

Also, what's the point of playing with anybody who can change the name any time? Why don't just come to IRC and play with real people rather than those anonymous randoms?

Also, how can you be sure somebody doesn't put up your name and cheat, and you get into this list yourself because of that?
Yes anybody can change their name.
"My IRC en multiplay naam is Andrie"

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Re: Cheaters

Post by Navvarr » 30 Jun 2012, 11:04

I was accused of cheating last week- and a few times in the past- fact is that I wouldn't waste my time cheating.
I've been playing Warzone since it came out for the PC and PS1 back in the late 90's - I've honed my skills and know the research paths quite well.
I'd get no pleasure out of beating someone using cheats -what is the point?!

Its annoying though being accused when I don't cheat.

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