Mods in multiplayer

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Mods in multiplayer

Post by PanCHo » 29 Dec 2020, 04:32

So now I not only see games with "balance" mods in lobby, I'm now receiving messages asking about them, and I want to talk about that.
So things were starting nice and clean: few Russian guys were upset about current multiplayer balance and decided to make close-development mod that will make their dreams about ideal balance and play with it in order to improve skill without too op tactics. Sounds great, looks even better. What can go wrong with this you ask?
And let me explain how bad situation is. Modding system in WZ is ok, not best but works without problems and allows to replace literally every game component or even make a whole new game based on engine. The only one possible bad thing about is lack of information. And in this particular topic information is playing in most valuable position possible. Now to the annoying and controversial part of this post: balance. As I already said few guys introduced a mod that changes game balance and they are playing it in open. Everything is fine while everyone in room knows what mod is about and how to deal with changes. The bad happens when somebody like Tiger (I hope few guys out there know about who I'm going to talk) hosts game with 1x1 map with such a mod and welcomes to beat everyone in it. I was noticing this rooms from the beginning of the development of this particular "balance" mod.
Don't get me wrong - not talking about how good or how bad this or that mod is compared to stock mp. This is not why I'm here.
Problem is not in only with Tiger's hosts, I brought his room here as an example of what is going on. Let's assume random player called "Jogador" joined such a room, what's next? Answer is simple: nobody will explain what is going on and why this strange symbols appeared on the top left corner. Issue is clear here - host knows what is going on and opposite team not. I don't think that I need to explain that somebody having a nice advantage here.
As for current version (3.4.1) there is no way of getting information about contains of mod(s) I'm requesting development team to accept blocker issue about hosting with any mod that changes stats directory without proper fullscreen red-colored banner about balance being modified and the only way to disable it will be playing without mod or make room private (password protected). I want to stop people getting beaten without knowing what is going on.
I'm ready to discuss that in an open talk manner, your suggestions are welcome.

EDIT1: GH issue

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