Remove scavengers from player scores in MP games

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Remove scavengers from player scores in MP games

Post by Forgon » 02 Mar 2020, 12:00

In multiplayer games, neither killing scavengers nor getting killed by
them should influence the scores and kill counts of players, both of
which are shown in the intelligence screen.

This would have the following advantages:
  • It would become easier to compare the performance of different players
    because scavengers can be killed with such ease as to make kill counts
    a useless statistic.
  • Looking at the intelligence screen would no longer provide important
    clues about the time or location of enemy attacks, especially on maps
    where scavengers separate players from each other. This matters for
    both low-oil maps like DA-towers and high-oil maps like WLF_Figa.
Skirmish games and unit experience would not be affected by the change.
It would only alter the intelligence screen, as in the screenshot below:
A tank has been promoted to the rank "Green" by killing many scavengers
in a multiplayer game. The intelligence screen shows both score and kill
count of its owner unchanged from their initial value of 0.
mp_scores_new.png (387.38 KiB) Viewed 2205 times
PR #666 contains a patch that implements the suggested behavior.
Please complain if you dislike it altogether or have suggestions on how
it could be improved. Otherwise, it will soon be part of our game.

Edit: The feature has been accepted.

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